I want to express my gratitude to the community for their great support creating fuzzylite and to all the donors whose generous contributions have helped me cover some of the costs involved in creating fuzzylite. Thank you to the European Centre for Soft Computing, the Foundation for the Advancement of Soft Computing, and Sergio Guadarrama and Luis Magdalena for their support creating the first version of fuzzylite. Thank you to Dean Morrissey for his feedback on testing the operation of fuzzylite and validating its results. Thank you to Adrien Cabarbaye for his feedback on discrete terms and feature requests on output variables. Thank you to Massimo Canonico for his feedback on his experience and usage of fuzzylite in its early stages. Thank you to Eva Millan for her feedback, ideas, and suggestions on rule chaining. Thank you to Johannes Schauer for his work making fuzzylite directly available from Debian repositories. Thank you to Yannick Lung for his great artwork, whose icons are used in QtFuzzyLite.
Thank you to the entire community for your great feedback!


Please, consider making a donation to support fuzzylite. There are still many things to do!

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… and please, let us all give a standing ovation to the following donors:

… and to the generous donors who preferred to remain anonymous.