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To incorporate fuzzylite into any project, you need to make sure:

  1. you have #include <fl/Headers.h> in the source file where you intend to use fuzzylite
  2. you add to your INCLUDE_PATH the path where fuzzylite is located such that the file fl/Headers.h is accessible from your project working directory
  3. you add to your LIBRARY_PATH the path where the binary files fuzzylite.(dll|lib|so|dylib) or fuzzylite-static.(lib|a) are located
  4. you add to your linker the name of the library

In Unix-like OSs, the command to build your project would be:

g++ your-file.cpp -Ipath/to/fuzzylite -Lpath/to/fuzzylite/lib -lfuzzylite

where -I refers to the INCLUDE_PATH, -L refers to the LIBRARY_PATH and -l is the name of the library.

Unfortunately, I have never worked with NS-3, for which I have no idea about specifically incorporating fuzzylite into NS-3. If someone knows how, let us hope that person posts some information about it in this topic.