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Hi Dillanm,

if you are using fuzzylite 5, you can create the Engine straight using Engine* e = fl::FisImporter().fromFile("bin/fis/Car.fis").

If you are using fuzzylite 5 and your rules contain and in the antecedent (e.g., if A is a and B is b), then you need a Conjunction operator. In the documentation available at http://www.fuzzylite.com/downloads, you can find that typical conjunction operators are Minimum and AlgebraicProduct. As such, you would need to e->configure("Minimum","","Minimum","Maximum","Centroid"), furthermore, you can always check the engine using

std::string check; 
 if (not engine->isReady(&check)){

These errors are very easily found using QtFuzzyLite 5.