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Hi Juan…sorry for the delay, but in this month I’ve been engaged also in other things. First of all, let me say that I was able to run fuzzylite in iOS! 🙂
The solution you proposed would be perfect if iOS-cmake worked for the newest versions of Xcode, but unluckily it works for Xcode 4.3 and below.
For people who use newest versions of Xcode, the solution I adopted is so straightforward and simple that I couldn’t believe I haven’t thought of it earlier. I simply used your folders of headers (the one named “fl”) and source (the one named “src”) to build a static library in Xcode from the beginning, hence starting by File->New->Project->iOS->Framework & Library and so on.
In order to build successfully the library I had only to replace the null pointer fl::null with the variable NULL, because Xcode can’t assign a “const long” to a class instance…but I don’t know if everyone will meet this issue.

Best wishes,