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Hi Sushil,

thank you for your post and excuse me for taking me so long to respond it. I am in my holidays.

The java zip file provided at http://www.fuzzylite.com contains the jar file and the maven project.
You can import the jar file into your project.
Using QtFuzzyLite, you can export your fuzzylite controller into the Fuzzy Control Language (FCL) specification. In code, you should use the FclExporter class.
There over 30 examples of Mamdani, TakagiSugeno and Tsukamoto bundled in fuzzylite in different formats: FuzzyLite Language, Fuzzy Control Language, Fuzzy Inference System, amongst others.
Last time I checked, FuzzyLite has more features than jfuzzylogic (except for some optimisation methods), and definitely has a far better object-oriented design, it is easier to use, it is far better for Android given that its size is about 200Kb (jfuzzylogic is several Megabytes), it does not use third-party libraries (jfuzzylogic uses quite a few), and fuzzylite has been thoroughly tested against Matlab with equivalent results (I am not aware jfuzzylogic has). Moreover, you can address your issues via this forum, where I and others are happy to help.

Let me know if you require more information.