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I am sure, the system finds the fuzzylite library. If the path or libname is (willfully) wrong, I get as expected “ld.exe: cannot find -lfuzzylite”. Compiling against fuzzylite-static yielded the same errors.

In this post http://fuzzylite.com/forums/topic/regarding-problem-running-example you argue about using the flag -DFL_USE_FLOAT. In my case, I did not build the fuzzylite 5.0 library – I just used the downloaded binary to link against. Still setting this flag (or not) in makefile does not make any difference.

Somehow I expect that compiling the example on the start page (http://fuzzylite.com/cpp) SHOULD be easily possible using gcc/mingw under windows. Note, librt (-lrt) and especially the method clock_gettime() is not available for mingw (gcc/i686-w64-mingw32/4.6.3).

Do you or your developers have a working code example/makefile for mingw32 ?