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Hi Egus,

I am not aware of any working examples for mingw.

My main issue with mingw and cygwin is that I really do not know if that is Windows or Linux or a weird mixture of the two.

A problem could be that the Windows library available in Downloads page was built for 32bits, whereas the libraries for Linux are built for 64bits. Which one are you using (Windows or Linux)? If you were to compile fuzzylite under mingw or cygw, I do not know what would happen to the flags -DFL_WINDOWS and -DFL_UNIX which are automatically assigned in file fl/fuzzylite.h. Would the two be activated?

As for the clock_gettime(), this has been moved to C++11 in fuzzylite-5.0. Perhaps you should try with fuzzylite-5.0.

Out of curiosity, could you elaborate on why would you prefer to use mingw or cygwin instead of native Windows and Linux? Also, could you briefly tell me about the process of compiling in cygwin/mingw? In their respective terminals, are you building on Linux or Windows? Is the Windows compiler or linker involved in the cygwin/mingw process?