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I’m using QFuzzyLite 4, and I have to delete this var “lock-previous: false” to make work it.

The console give me back this many times:

if valor1 is fv1_1 and valor2 is fv2_1 and valor3 is fv3_1 and valor4 is fv4_1 and valor5 is fv5_1 and valor6 is fv6_1 and valor7 is fv7_1 and valor8 is fv8_1 then salida is ?
#[variable error] term <?> not found in variable <salida> {\src\variable\Variable.cpp::fl::Variable::getTerm() [line:167]}
# Total rules: 6561. Good Rules: 0. Bad Rules: 6561.

I don’t know what means. Gracias!