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Hi rgranot,

thank you for your post and interest in fuzzylite.

To answer your questions,

(1) You can export the engine to a FuzzyLite Dataset using a custom file for input values.
(2) Go to File/Export to/FuzzyLite Dataset, and choose the file containing the input values (option From file). See attached Figure here
. This way, you will obtain the outputs of your engine with the given inputs in the file. The format of the input file is flexible: each line represents an evaluation, and spaces are utilised to separate the values for each input variable. In line X, The first N values will correspond to the first N input variables, and the remaining values will be ignored.
(3) The code for fuzzylite is available at github.com/fuzzylite/fuzzylite
(4) You can create an algorithm or use XSLT to format the resulting FuzzyLite Dataset into HTML.

Hope this answers your question.