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Dear Juan,

Yes, the value of CastaliaBin is : /home/utar/Desktop/Castalia/CastaliaBin

Yes, I do agree very much with you that it may have mix entry point because there is no way it can execute Fuzzylite with CastaliaBin path. For the pathToCastaliaBin, ‘-f’, ‘omnetpp.tmp’, ‘-x’, ‘General’ with subproces.check_output, and I have verified that -f and -x options are actually used for Castalia.

By the way, I tried to compare the output of $PATH between the one excludes Fuzzylite and the one include Fuzzylite after executing Castalia. The outputs are same and are shown as follows:


Does it mean the path for executing the bin file remains unchanged ? If so, how would it run into Fuzzylite ?

Regarding the rebuild, if I remove the main.cpp, it would fail to build with the build.sh under fuzzylite folder. So what should I do ?