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Dear Juan,

To my surprise, when I typed /home/utar/Desktop/Castalia/CastaliaBin on the terminal, it shows :

fuzzylite: a fuzzy logic control library
version: 6.0
author: Juan Rada-Vilela, Ph.D.
license: FuzzyLite License

usage: fuzzylite inputfile outputfile
or: fuzzylite benchmark engine.fll input.fld runs [output.tsv]
or: fuzzylite benchmarks fllFiles.txt fldFiles.txt runs [output.tsv]
or: fuzzylite [-i inputfile] [-if format] [-o outputfile] [-of format] [-example letter] [-decimals number] [-d file] [-values number] [-scope scope] [-dheader boolean] [-dinputs boolean]

-i inputfile file to import your engine from
-if format format of the file to import (fll | fis | fcl)
-o outputfile file to export your engine to
-of format format of the file to export (fll | fld | cpp | java | fis | fcl)
-example letter if not inputfile, built-in example to use as engine: (m)amdani or (t)akagi-sugeno
-decimals number number of decimals to write floating-poing values
-d file if exporting to fld, FLD file of input values to evaluate your engine on
-values number if exporting to fld without datafile, number of results to export within scope (default: EachVariable)
-scope scope if exporting to fld without datafile, scope of -values: [EachVariable|AllVariables]
-dheader boolean if true and exporting to fld, include headers
-dinputs boolean if true and exporting to fld, include input values

Visit http://fuzzylite.com/ for more information.

Copyright (C) 2010-2017 by FuzzyLite Limited.
All rights reserved.

Obviously, it certainly comes from the console.cpp.

Yes, I would compile every times I make any changes to figure things out. I would need to use command line ./makemake -> then make , then it would run the compilation. But when I want to run the simulation, which I need to type Castalia -i leach.ini -c General, this problem occurs.

I agree with you. In Castalia python file, I did use print method to debug the code, I did the same to Console.cpp. As I have been using this Castalia for quite a while, I know how it works. However, since I am very new to Fuzzylite, I only know how to compile the Fuzzylite but I have no idea how it works. In other words, I would like to know more as to how Fuzzylite feeds inputs, how it generates outputs, in what way Console.cpp comes into play, where is the main code user has to look into and so on. The only thing I know from Fuzzylite Documentation is how to compile it and set up linker, which is certainly limited, therefore I wish you can help explain and elaborate more so that we both can save time of each other. I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.