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sorry for very late response. Your post was classified as spam and I had no visibility.

Am I right in thinking that the FLC support is aiming to cover 100% of “IEC 1131 – PROGRAMMABLE CONTROLLERS
Part 7 – Fuzzy Control Programming”?

I am not sure what libraries have kept FLC up to date, what FLC is currently at, or what’s its future. It may be a “standard” and all you want, but I find it terribly inconvenient. The FLL is so much easier, more efficient, and more complete.

If so, which version of the spec do you use? I have been able to find “Committee Draft CD 1.0 (Rel. 19 Jan 97)” online easily.

Yes, that’s the same document I found online and used for reference, but it is from 1997! More than 20 years ago.

Is there a later/better version that I should switch to?

It depends what you are aiming for. Again, I don’t know what libraries use the FLC “standard”. I believe it has become irrelevant. Some people have proposed other “standards”, even some based on XML, which I find overly complicated and non-sense in today’s world. I put my bet on the FuzzyLite Language because it is so much better in many regards, just not a “standard”.

Are there any known non-conformances/features which are not fully implemented in FuzzyLite?

I believe FLL covers all the cases of FLC and more. If you use FLC in FuzzyLite, you will cripple some functionality of the FuzzyLite libraries.

It is mentioned that FLL has some extensions to FLC. Are these identified anywhere? I would like to understand If a given feature is an FLL-specific extension versus something that comes from the FLC spec.

The source code for FLC and FLL are well documented in the C++ and Java projects, please check their source code or visit fuzzylite.com/documentation

It would be great to have all of this documented somewhere – one place is enough, whether it is a web page or Doxygen-generated docs. But I expect that will take time. Is it possible just to give the info here for quick dissemination in the meantime? (Apologies if some or all of it is already documented. I tried to visit all pages on the website and look through all the dirs in the downloads.)

fuzzylite.com/documentation (Doxygen documentation)

I apologise for such a late response.