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I think the best option you have is to configure MPLab looking at the configuration of a well-configured IDE. I am guessing you need to add the path to the C++/STL headers in the INCLUDE_PATH and the path to the C++ libraries in the LIBRARY_PATH. Please, look in your filesystem where the header is located and add its path to the INCLUDE_PATH. Once it compiles most of the files, it will probably fail at link time due to the missing libraries, for which you will need to find out which are those libraries and add them to the project as -llibrary-name (e.g. -lfuzzylite). I think my best suggestion is to first configure a simple project to work with fuzzylite using a regular IDE (Netbeans, Eclipse, XCode or Visual Studio), and once you are able to build and run an example, explore the necessary configuration of the IDE to make it work in MPLab.

Once you manage to make it work, we would all appreciate if you could put detailed information about configuring MPLab to run fuzzylite.