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Hi Fishwaldo,

thank you for your progress creating the RPM! I am sorry I will probably not have enough time to check your work this week because I am at a conference with limited access to internet. However, I reply to your comments.

I am divorcing QtFuzzyLite from fuzzylite to a repository of its own, and I will rewrite the entire application, that is why it does not compile. I have not deleted the sources from the repository because I still need them. You have done great using the sources of QtFuzzyLite 4.0.

I changed the directory of the output libraries from lib to bin because I found it annoying to have bin and lib, but please make all the changes you find necessary to comply with standards.

Regarding SONAME, I am not sure having different versions of fuzzylite working simultaneously is a good a idea because fuzzylite is evolving/maturing/changing too fast, and engines created with one version will most likely not build with another version. Furthermore, in recent tests, I have found that QtFuzzyLite 4.0 may start correctly using fuzzylite v5.0, but then crash due to important differences. Therefore, I think allowing multiple versions of fuzzylite might lead to errors hard to find. If you still think there are more advantages in using SONAME, we can definitely give it a shot.

I like very much the idea of pkgconfig to make it easier to find fuzzylite.

As for the man pages, it would be great if you could use empty pages to avoid the errors for now. If you have time, please email me a sample format or a link so I can write that as soon as I have some time.

Thank you very much for your help!