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    Hi Juan,
    I just received the Qt license from my manager Peter and could progress very rapidly to tune my controller comparing to using FL debug trace. Nice work!
    I would like to plot a 3D surface instead of the genuine surface which looks curious (I don’t know how to attach but I pasted the fll hereunder from you to check). Is there a way to export the data to excel for example ?

    Engine: CsmControl
    InputVariable: fb
    enabled: true
    range: -300.000 1000.000
    lock-range: true
    term: early ZShape -300.000 50.000
    term: late SShape -50.000 600.000
    term: rush Binary 600.000 1000.000
    InputVariable: idle
    enabled: true
    range: 0.000 100.000
    lock-range: false
    term: cool SShape 10.000 50.000
    term: hot ZShape 0.000 10.000
    OutputVariable: knob
    enabled: true
    range: -7.000 20.000
    lock-range: false
    aggregation: Maximum
    defuzzifier: WeightedAverage Automatic
    default: 0.000
    lock-previous: true
    term: vq Constant -7.000
    term: density Constant 15.000
    term: panic Constant 20.000
    RuleBlock: takagiSugeno
    enabled: true
    conjunction: AlgebraicProduct
    disjunction: AlgebraicSum
    implication: AlgebraicProduct
    activation: General
    rule: if fb is late then knob is density
    rule: if fb is early then knob is vq
    rule: if fb is rush then knob is panic
    rule: if idle is hot then knob is density
    rule: if idle is cool and fb is not rush then knob is vq



    thanks for your post and for your support.

    You can export the engine’s surface as Tab-Separated Values (tsv) and open the tsv file in excel.

    Please export your engine to the FuzzyLite Dataset format using QtFuzzyLite 6:
    (1) from the menu bar: File/Export To/FuzzyLite Dataset (FLD)
    (2) Choose the options as shown in the image below
    (3) open your tsv file in excel.

    Let me know if you were able to do it.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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