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    Thank you for your very interesting library.

    I am trying to use Fuzzylite in C#. Using CMake a VS C++ version is created and I resolved a few error messages, but these are remained.

    ========================= CODE ===================================================================
    scalar BoundedSum::compute(scalar a, scalar b) const {
    return Op::min(1.0, a + b);
    —————————- ERROR Message ——————————————————————
    error C2782: ‘T fl::Operation::min(T,T)’ : template parameter ‘T’ is ambiguous

    ================================ CODE ============================================================
    this->operators[“~”] = new Operator(“~”, fl::Op::negate, p, 1);

    ———————– Error ——————————————————————
    cannot convert argument 2 from ‘fl::scalar (__cdecl *)(fl::scalar)’ to ‘fl::Function::Unary’

    What is the best way to resolve those.



    Can you use fuzzylite in C#? What kind of changes did you have to make to compile for C#?

    As for the errors, could you try this:

    For first error:

    scalar BoundedSum::compute(scalar a, scalar b) const {
            return Op::min(scalar(1.0), a + b);

    For second error:

    this->operators["~"] = new Operator("~", &(fl::Op::negate), p, 1);



    Hi Juan

    Thank you, I guess I missed your reply. I tried to port the code to C# with a converter and manual changes. It takes much time specifically due to C# limited schema of compiler instructions (e.g. #Define) comparing to C++. I can send you the code, if you want to check it or if you can give me clues how to quickly prepare it.

    Also I tried using TIBIMP utility in .Net that produces a a runtime callable wrapper (.Net compatible library) from COM Dlls. But it raises an error and mentiones that this is not a valid type library (error TI1002). I wonder if you can build a dll with type library embedded or a COM compatible dll. So every .Net programmer can easily create a a runtime callable wrapper (RCW) of fuzzylite and use it.

    Best Regards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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