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    I’m using Linux and g++ and have tried following the instructions on https://github.com/fuzzylite/fuzzylite#compile-link-and-execute and keep getting the same error that fl/Headers.h cannot be found in the example code provided.

    My fuzzylite is located at ~/fuzzylite-6.0/fuzzylite. I cd to the directory of ObstacleAvoidance.cpp (in ~/ObstacleAvoidance) and enter the following command:
    g++ ObstacleAvoidance.cpp -o ObstacleAvoidance -l/fuzzylite-6.0/fuzzylite -L/fuzzylite-6.0/fuzzylite/release/bin -lfuzzylite-static --std=c++11

    Thanks in advance!



    your problem is that the paths are wrong. In particular, -l/fuzzylite-6.0/fuzzylite is pointing to root /, and same as -L/fuzzylite-6.0/fuzzylite/release/bin. They should be -l/home/yourname/fuzzylite-6.0/fuzzylite -L/home/yourname/fuzzylite-6.0/fuzzylite/release/bin`.

    In any case, make sure that both paths are accessible from where you run. Just executing the path will tell you whether it is a directory or not in terminal:

    juan@macbook:~$ /fuzzylite-6.0/fuzzylite
    -bash: /fuzzylite-6.0/fuzzylite: No such file or directory
    juan@macbook:~$ /Users/juan/dev/fuzzylite-6.0
    -bash: /Users/juan/dev/fuzzylite-6.0/: is a directory

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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