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    Hello Juan,

    Firstly i wanted to thank you for your work on this application, it’s way more intuitive and handy than the matlab version.
    I’m currently in Internship and i would like to use your fuzzylogic module in my application.

    I’m working on Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2010 express and i used Cmake.

    I followed advice you gave in a previous thread :
    “#ifdef FL_WINDOWS
    “#pragma warning(disable:4702) //Ignore unreachable code

    to ignore warning about unreachable code.

    There is a new issue then, it compiles well but it writtes
    “Can’t start the program <pathwork>\debug\ALL_BUILD. Specified file not found”

    Could you put light on this please?

    Thank you for your Help


    Hi Antoine,

    I am sorry for the delay in my answer. Were you able to solve your issue? If not, I will definitely help you next week. I have been very busy lately, and I am not familiar with Visual Studio at all. If you solved it, it would be great if you could post a few details on how you did. Otherwise, we’ll solve it next week.




    Hi Antoine,

    not sure you deal with that issue, if not i got solution for you (hope so 🙂 ).
    think all you do, you do it right. after CMAKE and compile project ALL_BUILD you get error because there isn’t executive file.
    but even if you get error, after compile you should see new directory ‘bin’, and inside you should have .lib and .dll files, and this is what you need.

    hope all make sense ?

    PS. sorry for my poor English 😉


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