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    I am very new to fuzzy logic and fuzzylite but I started playing around with the library and found it very useful. One question i had was how to include sets, so for example, instead of:

    RuleBlock *ruleblock = new RuleBlock;
    ruleblock->addRule( FuzzyRule::parse(“if Ambient is DARK then Power is HIGH”,engine));
    ruleblock->addRule( FuzzyRule::parse(“if Ambient is MEDIUM then Power is MEDIUM”,engine));
    ruleblock->addRule( FuzzyRule::parse(“if Ambient is BRIGHT then Power is LOW”,engine) );

    Would it be possible to have a RuleBlock, and then parsed where:

    ruleBlock->addRule( FuzzyRule::parse(“if keyword is in SET_1 then Liklihood is MODERATE”,engine));
    ruleBlock->addRule( FuzzyRule::parse(“if keyword is in SET_2 then Liklihood is HIGH”,engine));

    Where SET_1 is group of strings?

    Or something similar, the exact phrasing isn’t that important but the general goal of testing how to bound value sets is what I’m interested in.



    given SET_1 = {LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH}, where each item is a membership function, you are looking for rules stated as:

    if keyword is LOW or keyword is MEDIUM then Likelihood is MODERATE.

    You group propositions utilizing the or connector, and you will need to set an S-Norm as a disjunction operator to handle the propositions in the antecedent linked with or.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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