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    I have global question regarding many solutions and publications in case of reach maximum output value for extreme input parameters. To better explain the issue I will use the following article – although other ones also contain the same issue. Similar question is placed in:https://github.com/zerokol/eFLL/issues/20
    I read very interesting article and I have one question regarding FAST value for Compressor Speed Variable output in few situations.
    When You setted maximum values on input:
    temperature = 45 (or closed to the maximum >= 40)
    humidity =100 (or > 90)
    Then I’m not able to reach maximum value 100 on Compressor Speed Variable output. Always will be returned value <90 – if I good remember according to centroid function.

    Does it means that compressor will only work only on values <95 and never rich his optimal speed? Or returned value should be transformed?
    Could You explain me – becouse I’d like to undertand it better.
    Similar situation I see in another papers but nobody can explain this situation.

    I would like to reach output maximum value or values >90. Or maybe You are using another deffuzification function instead of centroid or You are mapping returned value by some function like map()?

    I am convinced that many customers seeing that having a device but can not use 100% of their power will also pose similar questions.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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